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8 Gift Ideas to make it a SEP Mother's Day!

8 Gift Ideas to make it a SEP Mother's Day!

Posted on April 28 2022

This year, make it an impactful Mother's Day. We have curated a list of 8 gifts which are sure to make your special Mother happy! Here we go:

 The "Catalina" linen long dress is inspired by the iconic artist, Catalina Swinburn, known for her work on the geopolitical concept of displacement. It is made in Italy from stone-washed white linen that drapes beautifully and has a symmetrical V-neckline and tactile embroidery outlining the two-sizes-fit-most silhouette. The hand-embroidered Sinead pattern on the sleeves is the magical touch! She will wear it with sandals during the day, heels at night. 


Designed to allow her to carry your phone hands-free, it is also a beautiful fashion statement. Can comfortably fit a large smart phone plus a pair of glasses.

 Add to her SEP keffiyeh collection! The PETRA is a new, Limited Edition style: a lighter and bigger variation on the classic SEP multicolor keffiyeh, the PETRA features flat sewn edges and a pom-pom in each of the 4 corners. The SEP embroidery makes each piece unique, as usual! One-of-a-kind: each scarf is hand-embroidered according to the artist's inspiration, therefore no scarf is identical to another.


 A small, versatile, triangle shaped Keffiyeh, perfect as neck scarf as well as head-scarf, as seen styled on Lina Hadid.  

 The outer shell is made of a soft, luxurious, durable and sustainably-dyed cotton created exclusively for SEP. The detachable hood with its “Ibrahim" embroidery allows you to adapt her look according to your mood. Interior left chest pocket fits her mobile phone or wallet perfectly and snugly. 

The inner removable shell lining made of poly will keep her warm during the coldest winter days. Robust zipper closure with additional sturdy buttons also ensure a proper fit blocking out the chill.

Gorgeous hand-embroidered “Ibrahim" pattern runs down the entire right lapel and across each external pocket flap. Integrated sturdy cotton waist belt allows you to adjust to your ideal fit and mood.

The 'Ibrahim' and 'Sinead' patterns were first embroidered by SEP Artists for the Mary Magdalene Hollywood movie. We love this unisex Biblical pattern because it’s truly  timeless -  just like everything we do.  The Navy Blue embroidery color makes this jacket easy to style with all your outfits.

Limited Numbers. Made in Turkey using luxury materials, she will show it off all year round.

 SEP designs have always enchanted the eyes and invited a mindful touch. Now, in partnership with Integra Fragrances, SEP offers a spiritual journey by candlelight to Jerash Camp in Jordan. Every day, captivating scents and spices fill the air of the camp, surrounding the SEP Artists as they create. Inspired by these perfumes and the SEP Artists' olfactive memories, the SEP signature candle will inspire your mother with its Woody, Spicy, Oriental scent.

Elegant yet comfortable long tunic dress. The pure linen will keep her cool when it is warm and will keep her body temperature in the evenings when it gets cooler. Featuring a precious statement hand-embroidered "Al Quds" black pattern along the sleeves and the lower edge. 


Unisex 100% linen bathrobe w, ith a hood, featuring the hand-embroidered "Ibrahim" or "Sinead" pattern, inspired by the Mary Magdalene movie. Dedicated to Gstaad, inspired by the Alpina Spa, this bathrobe is the ultimate Spa accessory.

Linen is the natural material that we at SEP Jordan love: sustainable, stone-washed and softened, it gets softer every time she wears it. Machine washable, one size only (M), no chemical dyes.

 Every SEP gift empowers the Artist who hand-embroidered it and her community. We are proud to be a B Corporation, ie a company which puts People and Planet up there, with Profit! Happy Mother's Day!

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