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Meet Global Brand Ambassador Thalia Elansari

Meet Global Brand Ambassador Thalia Elansari

Posted on July 08 2024

Meet Thalia Elansari, the sensational human being behind Shams, the charismatic 17 year-old star in Tima Shomali’s Netflix series “AlRawabi School for Girls” Season 2.

When we met with Thalia, we came away optimistic for the future of our world, because she represents everything that we love about GenZ: straightforward, smart, sincere, this young talent has very clear ideas about her future. She wants to establish her voice as an advocate for the collective good, standing for justice and unity, unapologetically. 

It is no coincidence that she chose to study Politics and Economics at University: so she will also develop academic tools which will help her be a change-maker. 

Born in Jordan with a Palestinian background, Thalia is a citizen of the world, perfectly bilingual in English and Arabic and looks forward to learning Spanish soon too. 

She felt the energy of the SEP Artists when she visited our Amman shop in Swefieh Village and that is how we started to chat...

What attracted you to SEP?

I saw a SEP photo on instagram and it grabbed my attention because of how unique the brand was: i needed to know more, so I went to the Amman store.

How do you choose the Brands you represent and why did you pick SEP? 

I only work with brands whose ethos I share and whose products I love. In the case of SEP, the brand spoke to me and the idea of representing the 600+ embroidery artists from Jerash camp through their beautiful pieces makes me happy. This is why I chose to be a SEP Global Brand Ambassador.

What is your favorite line of SEP products and why? 

The keffiyeh. It is an iconic accessory, grounded in history and tradition. The hand-embroidery makes each of these keffiyeh unique and their colors make them contemporary fashion statements too, that transcend geopolitics and really allow us to stay human. I love wearing monochrome outfits and then adding a splash with a SEP keffiyeh, on my head, shoulders or around my neck. I feel the energy of the SEP embroidery Artists each time I wear a piece and I think that is special.

Tell us about your future plans!

I am passionate about the rights of refugees and especially women refugees and I hope to be able to advocate for them more and more in the years to come.

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