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Why do we mark World Humanitarian Day?

Why do we mark World Humanitarian Day?

Posted on August 08 2019

World Humanitarian Day takes place on 19th of August every year.

International days are occasions to discuss issues of concern, to inform SEP ambassadors: so together we can address problems, and celebrate and reinforce the achievements of humanity.

World Humanitarian day is a reminder for us to appreciate those who serve others, and to value the survival, well-being and dignity of people affected by crises.

As a Social Enterprise (and in partnership with UNHCR, MADE51), we are privileged to be able to work in support of various humanitarian initiatives and participate in important conversations over the well being of people in crisis.


In this capacity, we are working directly with some talented, resilient, strong women who need training and support. They are hard working, community-focused women; true heroes. These women are determined to lift their whole communities out of poverty.


On this occasion, we wanted to share two SEP initiatives with you:


We are happy to be able to be a platform where artists who are refugees can express themselves creatively, and talk about their lives. The below video is a message from the SEP artists. It is simple, heartfelt, to the point. It was produced by the Media and Social Activities manager of the Jerash camp, Nada Syam with her mobile phone in answer to the most commonly asked questions about SEP and the artists’ work.

The other initiative is our Facebook page SEP “Activities & Social Impact”, managed by Nada Syam and Duah Syam. SEP aims at the social and economic development of refugees, in their local community in the Jerash Camp through a succession of high quality educational-learning opportunities, all held at the SEP-Tamari Foundation Academy, at the Camp. The activities address children and adults. They range from Reading, Chemistry, Paramedics, to English classes. The goal is community development through partnerships and participation in the hope that with the right resources the community will be enabled to face their past, live their present, and hope for a better future.


These initiatives are reminders – that the SEP clothes and accessories you purchase go a long way… and can build a secure life for another person.

Keep in mind this year’s World Humanitarian Day, and that the work we do together - with you - adds up, and helps humanity at large. Thank you!

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